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What is pirazine?

The pirazine, the other element that makes you addicted Researchers, who try to understand the springs of tobacco addiction, have often thought that nicotine was not solely responsible for physical dependence. And indeed, they have just unveiled the addictive action of another chemical, pirazine, which can act alone or in tandem with nicotine. This substance is used by tobacco companies in cigarettes but also in rolling tobacco and in e-cigarettes with nicotine. With pirazine, the goal of tobacco manufacturers is to increase the addictiveness of the cigarette while decreasing the nicotine, thus making these cigarettes appear less addictive. The other purpose of pirazine is to make cigarettes taste better, when they contain less tar. Tobacco companies use this type of additive when they reduce the tar content of cigarettes. It is therefore a good (less tar) for a bad (other additives)! Target young people Pirazine softens the taste of cigarettes and makes them less harsh, making it easier to inhale and absorb nicotine. It is therefore an additive that tobacco manufacturers appreciate to target young people by making them more quickly dependent. More attractiveness, more dependence: this is what makes the business of tobacco companies by providing them with new customers, often for life. What does the law say? The American and European authorities have planned to ban certain tobacco additives in the long term, but nothing is planned to ban pyrazines, including in the liquids of electronic cigarettes. Researchers are calling for its ban. Other effects This newly discovered addictive substance has other effects. It makes it more difficult to quit smoking, increasing the risk of relapse. Ex-smokers are therefore more likely to fall back into their smoking habit. In addition, this product masks the risks of passive and active smoking. In conclusion, a chemical substance that ensures to maintain your addiction! Source A study of pyrazines in cigarettes and how additives might be used to enhance tobacco addiction (Hillel R Alpert, Israel T Agaku, Gregory N C). & The Evening, Frédéric Soumois, 06/12/2015

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